Arnaud Martin

Assistant Professor, tenure-track (started in January 2016) 


2005: License in Molecular and Cellular Biology -École Normale Supérieure de Lyon / Université Lyon I
2007: Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology – École Normale Supérieure de Lyon; Thesis: Development and diversity of rodent palatal rugae profiles in rodents. Advisors: Dr. Vincent Laudet, Dr. Sophie Pantalacci.
2012: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences – Evolutionary Genetics group – UC Irvine (2012) ; Thesis: The developmental genetics of color pattern evolution in butterflies. Advisor: Dr. Robert Reed

2012-2014: Post-Doctoral Research with Dr. Robert Reed (Cornell U) and Dr. Thomas Schilling (UC Irvine). 
2014-2015: Post-Doctoral Research with Dr. Nipam Patel (UC Berkeley). 

Arnaud is a gene-nerd and evo-devotee often found day-dreaming in the lab about color pattern landscapes and tropical cloud-forests. He is dedicated to using genome editing in non-traditional laboratory animals, establishing butterfly and moths as models in developmental biology and genetics, and integrating our general knowledge of genotype-phenotype relationships in nature via Gephebase.

Vincent Ficarrotta


GWU Graduate Student

Vincent joined the Martin Lab in Fall 2016. He graduated with a BA in Biological Sciences from University of Florida, Gainesville
and worked as a DNA extraction expert in the laboratory of Dr. Akito Kahawara at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity

José Hermina


GWU Undergraduate Student

José joined the Martin Lab in Summer 2016 to establish and optimize butterfly CRISPR genome editing in our freshly equipped lab. His remarkable work funded by the Harlan Undergraduate Research Fellowship awarded him the Best Undergraduate Poster prize, and José is now starting a project focusing on wing scale cell specification.

Nora Wolcott

GWU Undergraduate Student


Caroline Mehta

GWU Undergraduate Student



Jonah Heller

GWU Undergraduate Student


Juan Zaida

GWU Undergraduate Student


Stéphane Prigent

Post-Doctoral Researcher co-advised by Dr. Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo (CNRS, France)

Laurent Arnoult

Post-Doctoral Researcher co-advised by Dr. Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo (CNRS, France)